At Datawash, we specialize in address and telephone related information services
Datawash provides clients with a unique web portal service to update their customer database files. This ensures the client controls the timing and upload of files with 24/7 unencumbered secure access, rather than back and forth communications with their agency in business hours
Clients can choose to purchase any one or a combination of the following online services through the Datawash web portal for any uploaded job file.
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Data hygiene

Services to enhance data hygiene:

Mail Campaign quality

No obligation reports

Services to enhance a mailing campaign:

Data Security

Datawash values the security of your data extremely highly.
All confidential data uploaded to or downloaded from the Datawash portal is protected by SSL Certification and proprietary encryption.
Cloud systems are not used in any manner. Client data resides on a single machine during processing.
Datawash services are governed by and adhere to the Federal Government’s Australian Privacy Act. No client data is shared with other parties and is deleted from the Datawash servers within 7 days of processing with written confirmation of its purging.