Postal Marketing Services

As authorised agents for NCOA, we offer the full range of data products online:


Telephone Marketing Services


Find new telephone and mobile numbers, or verify existing numbers:

Database Hygiene Services

Keep your database delivering clean data:

Web Services API

We also offer our key data products over our new Web Service API, which allows integration into any application. The following services are available using our API:


Datawash values the security of your data extremely highly.

All confidential data uploaded to or downloaded from the Datawash portal is protected by SSL Certification and proprietary encryption.

Cloud systems are not used in any manner. Client data resides on a single machine during processing.

Datawash services are governed by and adhere to the Federal Government’s Australian Privacy Act. No client data is shared with other parties and is deleted from the Datawash servers within 7 days of processing with written confirmation of its purging.