Why your company needs Datawash

All or most businesses have a marketing database that is used regularly for communication purposes between their business and its customers. A healthy database allows a business to turn leads into sales, promote an offer or sale, share an event or relevant news or simply keep its audience engaged. However, over time, situations may change; staff recruitment into different roles, businesses expand and relocate and people generally move on. These variations and more can happen on a regular basis within any organisation.  


Datawash plays an integral role within any business, by ensuring their marketing databases are kept regularly up-to-date and performing to their best ability. Datawash work with Australia Post National Change of Address (NCOA) in order to maintain databases which then opens the opportunity for excellent customer service and relationship building. Datawash also ensure that a high professional standard of managing client data security is kept at all times. 


Datawash operate by data cleansing and data scrubbing, which is the process of detecting and correcting (or removing) corrupt or inaccurate records from a database. Data cleansing is the first step to ensuring you maximise the potential return on investment from your data.


By maintaining a diligent database you’re reducing business costs, avoiding a negative business reputation; by sending out duplicate information to the same person, saving staff time and creating business sustainability.


Lodge your customer file to www.datawash.com.au for a free data quality audit and reap the benefits. By data cleansing and data scrubbing, you’ll ensure you’re receiving quality ROI for your business.


Datawash values the security of your data extremely highly.

All confidential data uploaded to or downloaded from the Datawash portal is protected by SSL Certification and proprietary encryption.

Cloud systems are not used in any manner. Client data resides on a single machine during processing.

Datawash services are governed by and adhere to the Federal Government’s Australian Privacy Act. No client data is shared with other parties and is deleted from the Datawash servers within 7 days of processing with written confirmation of its purging.