How can White Labelling a database cleansing and updating solution help your business?

As a Database Management Agency or a Mailing House, have you ever been asked by a key client to supply a database cleansing and updating service and you had to say “no” because you did not have the capabilities in-house?  Or have you been striving to contend with your competitors in offering database cleansing and updating services because you have limited service offering? Or have you tried to provide add-on services to your clients or tried to expand your product portfolio and encountered some level of challenges?
If you answered “yes” to any of the above questions, then you need to consider white labelling a database cleansing and updating solution.

White labelling database cleansing and updating solutions will help you improve productivity of your business to offer new products and services or features that would otherwise require large capital and time investments.   It will broaden your product and service offerings and will enable you to focus on the development of your core products and services for your clients.  You do not need to specialize in each and every service that you offer.

As well, by using white labelled database cleansing and updating solutions that is already tried and tested, you will reduce the risks associated with establishing the in-house facility and also save you from spending needless sums of money to engage and train staff to develop this solution in-house.
Furthermore, you can sell the white labelled database cleansing and updating solutions with your branding and take credit for them as your own.

“While it’s important to adopt the right strategy for your brand or business, a white labelling strategy can allow you to remain competitive in the market and maintain customer loyalty, even more so if you can access a tailored solution that offers more control.”

In summary, for Database Management Agencies and Mailing Houses, white labelling of Datawash database cleansing and updating solutions is a pragmatic way to expand your portfolio of services, move into a new market, or cross-advertise your products and services.  If you are not able to invest the time and money or knowledge to build an in-house solution, then white labelling Datawash database cleansing and updating solutions will be the perfect approach for your business.

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